What does it take to support a four-story medical office building?

It takes structural steel, and a supplier you can trust to deliver a quality product on time at a competitive price. That’s why Swanton Welding felt honored when construction company Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. selected Swanton Welding to help them create the new Fulton County Hospital Addition in Wauseon, Ohio.

Project Overview

Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. was tasked to build a strong, four-story, structural steel building. And it’s not just any building. This structure will be the framework of the future Fulton County hospital addition. The existing hospital building has not seen major construction for more than a decade. The hospital was simply out of room for its doctors to work.

Swanton Welding was excited to assist Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. by fabricating large pieces of structural members in Swanton Welding’s Structural Steel facility in Swanton, Ohio. We also fabricated additional support items like stairs and platforms.

Steel frames are used in structures like this four-story building because of its strength, low weight, and speed of construction. Other advantages include its ability to easily create large span spaces, and its flexibility, which makes the structure good at resisting external forces such as wind.

How It Was Made

Work on the building began in August of 2017. Swanton Welding supplied all structural steel components for the project, including framing, stairs, handrails and deck.

Materials used in construction included:

  • Carbon steel
  • Bar Grating
  • Handrail Pipe
  • Flat Bar