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Goshen Group Ship charter

Goshen Group services comprise all aspects of ship charter and our tailor-made services are available worldwide.

Goshen Group offer all types of ship chartering arrangements, including full and part charter, consecutive voyage charters based on Contracts of Affreightment and time chartering

Goshen Group charter brokers

Our dedicated team offers all aspects of ship charter, including project management, planning and execution. And our tailor-made services are available worldwide. We serve a number of industries and employ different types of vessels as needed, including:

  • Open-hatch
  • Heavy lift
  • Ro/Ro
  • Coasters
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Tugs and barges
  • AHTS
  • Hiring of all types of vessels

As charter brokers we communicate directly with our partners to ensure flexibility, low costs and fast response times. To ensure successful transports, our own experienced supervisors and port captains supervise loading, transshipment and discharging.

Sale & Purchase

Our ship sales team deals with  the majority of types and sizes of vessels.

Every day, the sale and purchase team is in constant contact with competitive brokers, ship owners and shipyards around the world to identify interesting market opportunities. At the same time, they continuously monitor the sale and purchase market in order to stay up to date on the values of the different vessel types and segments

Tanker Brokerage

For over 10 years Goshen Group has been providing ship brokerage services to the energy sector.

We currently serve hundreds of clients representing oil majors, refiners, producers, traders, ship owners and pool operators.  Our team of tanker brokers is located in London, Houston and New York etc allowing us to service you around the globe, around the clock. We take a cooperative ‘’one-desk’’ approach with teamwork as the crux of our philosophy among all of Goshen Group offices, thereby providing the highest level of access and service possible.

Container Brokerage

Goshen Group is ideal for operations that want to broker container freight..

Our Brokerage Solution provides drayage carriers and brokerage companies an affordable technology platform similar to what is used by large brokers. This container-friendly brokerage software solution will help you sell and deliver loads efficiently online, build your brokerage business quickly without adding staff, and compete profitably with the big brokers

Cargo Brokerage

Goshen Group keeps you going.

Our customers understand that outsourcing their shipping departments allows them to concentrate on core business. In the meantime, we have our great people and technology working to forward freight. This means our customers have confidence when they place their freight into Cargo Brokers’ hands. If you’d like this peace of mind, call Goshen Group.