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Operations & Supply Chain Management

Operating in foreign jurisdictions can be time-consuming, taking away from your company’s efficiency and growth. With GOSHEN strategic presence in most of the Gulf of Guinea’s oil and gas hubs, however, our extensive experience with many African jurisdictions ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations. From logistical needs and supply-chain management, to heavy-lift structure and rig transportation, GOSHEN is a trusted leader in the African oilfield services industry.
GOSHEN logistics services include:


  1. International freight forwarding
  2.  Customs clearing
  3. Shipping agency services
  4. Personnel logistics
  5. Providing you the right vessels, equipment, and people
  6. Cargo barges and barge towing
  7. Supply vessels, work boats and tugboats


  1. Rig cleaning
  2. Marine supply vessel tank cleaning
  3. Mud hog and conventional pump operation and maintenance
  4. Drilling mud supply
  5. Dry bulk supply
  6. Completion fluid supply

The rapid increase in world trade in the past decade has restructured the global maritime industry and has brought about new developments, deregulation, liberalization and increased competition. There have been dramatic changes in the mode of world trade and cargo transportation, characterized by the prevalence of business-to-business and integrated supply chains. These changes have been embodied in the increasing demand for value-added logistics services and the integration of various transportation modes. As a consequence, high-quality logistics services and the effective and efficient integration of transport and logistics systems offered by a maritime operator (i.e. a shipping company or port/terminal operator) has become an important issue.