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Man Power

With a reserve of over 500 professional personnel, skilled labor, and unskilled labor, Goshen is a leading manpower supplier throughout the Gulf of Guinea Region.

  1. Civil Engineers
  2. Mechanical Engineers
  3. Professionals in all areas of project management
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Technicians
  5. Stop, Think, Observe and Protect (STOP) Program Specialists
  6. International Ship and Ports Facilities Security Code (ISPS) Technicians
  7. STCW 95 Convention Requirement Specialists
  8. Skilled craftsmen, including
  9. Electricians
  10. Welders and Pipefitters (ABS Certified)
  11. Structural Steel Erectors
  12. Carpenters
  13. General Labor to support your entire project

Developing countries are characterized by growing populations. Because of this and the initial low level of development, there is a need for infrastructures to support these populations. The industry that is most important in the developMent of the infrastructure (highways, utilities, industrial plants, etc.) is the construction industry. The construction industry in developing countries is characterized by a large pool of untrained, unskilled labour, and is unable to access its manpower needs. Therefore, a diagnostic manpower planning model for the construction industry has been developed.

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