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welding solutions

Let Goshen metallurgical engineering services provide you with high quality and efficient Welding solutions. Along with providing welding procedures that meet all code specifications, our project management, field engineering, and front-line supervision are there to ensure your project requirements aren’t just met, but exceeded.

Goshen offers API, ASME, and ISO compliant processes, including:

  1. SMAW D1.1
  2. GTAW
  3. FCAW
  4. ALU AWS D1.5
  5. AWS D1.5
  6. Various duplex welding processes
  7. Oxy-acetylene welding, brazing, and cutting
  8. Air-arc cutting
  9. Heated Tool Butt Fusion Welding and Electro sockets welding.


Modern Technology

Time and precision are paramount to your success. That is why at Goshen, we use the highest technology and expertise to tackle the most difficult tasks — propelling us to deliver on any project thrown our way faster, efficiently, and with adequate precision.

Husbandry Office

With Goshen’s expert knowledge of the Gulf of Guinea region, you can trust us to deliver the most efficient business experience for you based on our local offices and extensive networks you the best;

  1. Suppliers
  2. Ship chandlers and surveyors
  3. Strategic workshops available
  4. Crew Changes
  5. Permits and Licenses
  6. Bunker Supply
  7. Drilling mud supply
  8. Dry bulk supply
  9. Completion fluid supply

Surface treatment

When it comes to surface protection, GOSHEN Group is professional, experienced,and well-managed. Our company uses the same strategy in our surface treatment services, where our certified workers can deliver the most cost-effective   and expert-completed water blasting, sandblasting, NACE-compliant coating, hot-dip galvanizing, insulating, and fireproofing to your company’s projects.