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Do you need Bank Proof ?


Goshen Group offer proof of funds for those clients who require financial liquidity for their projects and to show asset strength while qualifying for financing for loans or lines of credit. These POFs are generally used for commercial purposes but can also be used for real estate transactions as well. The minimum amount is $100,000.00 and there is no maximum due to the large number of investors available for this purpose.

All the client needs to pay for is the interest for the investors while their funds are being used because all instruments and accounts are backed by investor’s funds as required by law. We provide financial services to real estate owners, developers, and investors for 10 years.

We create the best financing solution for any real estate scenario.

We arrange financing for all types of commercial real estate properties and land nationwide. We arrange high leverage construction loans for any type of new development projects. Whether it's ground-up construction of multifamily, apartment buildings, condominiums or other developments we will create the best possible financing solution with custom and flexible repayment structure.

Established relationships with commercial and investment banks, hedge funds, privet and institutional lenders, allow our clients to successfully close the most difficult transactions with the most competitive rates and term on the market. We offer conventional and alternative options to finance any real estate project with creative and flexible repayments structure.

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We play a significant part in funding projects in various industrial sectors, catalyzing public and private partnerships and reducing project risk using a mix of government credits, insurance and private lending.