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We are a friendly Company who will avoid sending out a contractual letter at the first sign of a problem. We believe in working as a team with the client, sitting round the table to resolve any issues or potential problems.

We base our Company on quick response times and give the client the delivery dates they require. All our employees are fully qualified in their field and have many years of experience in the Construction and Petrochemical Industries and are certified.

The use of our directly employed labour force of skilled erectors, welders and fitters ensures that the steel fabrications are completed in a safe and professional manner. Our site workforce holds the relevant certificates of competence for their special skills and for health and safety.

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Due to Our direct access to global Investor funds, we provide clients with a unique financial solution to complete business ventures that were otherwise unobtainable with a pool of €7,560,000,000.00 EUR, We have the resources to issue (BG) Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) which may be the key to assisting you in moving forward with your finance plans.

Goshen Group offers Bank Cash Accounts, (BG) Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) in range from 9,000,000.00 USD | EUR to 4.3,000,000,000.00 USD | EUR, presenting our clients with a highly affordable option to complete their projects, efficiently and within budget.


Enhanced Financial Instruments

We offer you the advantage of dealing with a company that is known and respected for Integrity and Efficiency in successfully negotiating Investments under the most favorable terms.

Investor funds

With these assets, businesses can now enjoy the same credit enhancement opportunities as large corporations. The distinct advantages are better financing terms and creditworthiness, as well as access to trade and purchase transactions previously not available.

Award Winning Innovations

Banking institutions utilize the principles of financial asset leasing quite frequently and have for some time. We Pride Ourselves on Honesty, Intuition & Sheer Determination

Greater assurance

We are founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. We practice ethical behavior for consistent and positive results for our clients


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